Monthly Archives: August 2012

Let’s get this out in the open: I am a vegan. I try to be mellow about the whole thing. I don’t like to make a big deal about it.

Researching what you can and cannot, should and should not, eat as a vegan is a trip to a black hole. If nothing else, though, it has provided me with enough knowledge of the world to fully appreciate the article quoted below.

Erica, at Northwest Edible Life, has written a rant about the perils of healthy eating. My favorite part:

Healthy eating is getting pretty complicated and conflicted at this point but at least everyone agrees you should eat a lot of raw vegetables.

Soon you learn that even vegetables are trying to kill you. Many are completely out unless they are pre-fermented with live cultures in a specialized $79 imported pickling crock. Legumes and nightshades absolutely cause problems. Even fermentation can’t make those healthy.

Goodbye, tomatoes. Goodbye green beans. Goodbye all that makes summer food good. Hey, it’s hard but you have to eliminate these toxins and anti-nutrients. You probably have a sensitivity. Actually, you almost positively have a sensitivity. Restaurants and friends who want to grab lunch with you will just have to deal.

The only thing you are sure of is kale, until you learn that even when you buy organic, local kale from the store (organic, local kale is the only food you can eat now) it is probably GMO cross-contaminated.

Goodbye tomatoes, indeed.

If there is anything else I’ve learned while traveling through the vegan expanse it’s that moderation is a fantastic attribute. Whether or not coffee will give you cancer is usually irrelevant if you don’t drink until your eyeballs are floating.

The mantra of moderation applies to all aspects of life. Beginning the journey with food is a great way to get started.

In the context of food, at least, Erica has summed up the polar ends in a post that made me laugh and made me think. A hat tip to her style and her humor.