the argument of everything: WWW conference

I enjoy TED talks. The TED and TEDx conferences have brought a lot of new topics to the forefront. Generally, I enjoy the single-speaker format. But what if that format were thrown out the window? What if you could watch high quality arguments?

No, the WWW Conference isn’t destined to be the next Monty Python argument clinic. The founder of TED has come up with a new way to structure conferences. His idea revolves around free-form discussions, pairing guests who will spar, intellectually. Then the discussions will be available for purchase by the public [1].

A good argument between friends can be an enjoyable experience. I think it will take an exceptional battle to make me want to purchase someone else’s words, though. Let’s be fair: One of the best parts about TED talks is the price. Advertising, and admission to the live event, help fund the bandwidth bill that comes around each month.

It looks as if WWW will be much smaller than TED; talks may be longer. The acronym is also a bit much [2].

I am intrigued, not yet sold. A test conference, with free access to the public could scratch my itch well enough to pry open my billfold. We will see.



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